Where Has the Romance Gone? 


Have you noticed the romance is missing in your relationship? Do you feel more like roommates than sweeties? Take a minute to see your home with an impartial lens. 

Let’s start in your master bedroom. Ah! Do you see what is causing some of the problems? The pile of laundry crawling up the wall, does it rarely get completely put away or does the whole family just come and grab a wrinkled garment? Laundry lying in all stages of being laundered is never a boost for romance. 

Your bed. Do you have to kick stuff out of the way to get to the it? That could be an issue. When was the last time you actually made the bed? When your parents came for Christmas? I see you nodding your head. 

Is your bedroom a space you feel relaxed and refreshed by simply stepping in the door? No? Could it be, this is the room where you stash everything right before company comes over and then those things become permanent residents in your boudoir. Sound familiar? Hmm. Let’s go on. 

Is there more dust, dog hair, papers, school projects and excess stuff in your sleep chamber than comfy pillows? Do babies, kids and pets take up more space than you and your man? This could be an issue. 

Clear out the clutter and kick out the uninvited, unwelcomed guests. Make a pact that your master bedroom will never again be the clutter collector for the home. From this day forward, make your bed. Yes, even on the weekend. Put a lock on the door.  

Children and pets must be granted access before entering into your tranquil retreat. Children can learn how to knock and wait at a very early age. As for pets, they need permission to visit too. 

I am going to share some sage advice I received nearly thirty-three years ago at my bridal shower. A very dear old lady — I guess I am your dear old lady now– told me to always keep our master bedroom a place to retreat. We should make the bed every day and keep the room tidy. These simple steps would keep the romance in our marriage.  

I sort of scoffed to myself. I mean, I was young, and well, I thought I knew everything about keeping a marriage spicy. I’ve learned over the years the dear lady was completely correct.  

You might think this is old fashioned advice. It probably is. However, the nice old lady who gave me the sage advice had been happily married for over fifty years. It worked for her. It works for me and my man. I hope it will work for you too. 


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