What’s my part? 

What’s my part in the changes happening around me? That’s a question I’ve wrestled with lately. What can “I” do?  

I grew up a military brat, mostly overseas, in a united environment. It was a wonderful way to grow up the only problem was I didn’t see the struggle many have to live with due to their color, citizenship, ethnicity, or socioeconomic status. I just saw friends and people I hadn’t met yet.  

I admit to being a total extrovert who assumes everyone wants to be friends. Not a bad way to look at the world but a bit naïve. This movement lately for social change has gotten me to think, listen, and be aware of other’s situations with sharper, more focused attention.  

After contemplating, praying, and watching I’ve a few thoughts on the way I can be part of the change and still celebrate who we are as Americans; maybe some of these ideas will help you too. 

As Americans, it is our right and responsibility to vote. I know it sounds simple, but it is a privilege to live in this country as individuals who are freer here than any country in the world. I’ve lived in several places overseas including Spain when Franco was their dictator. The people feared to say his name, even in the privacy of their homes.  

We have a voice and can use it wherever we live in this grand nation. It’s our voice that speaks up for the broken, praises the good, and creates change for the future. Be active with your voice and vote for your choice even if it is not mine, I support your right to choose. 

Next, I’ve decided to listen more; not just to the words but to the history behind them. Recognizing that everyone has a desire to be heard. I don’t have to agree with everything or anything someone says but I should always show them respect.  

I pledge to never harm another and to be the first to speak up for injustice. I plan to support change for the better while remembering to honor the sacrifices of our forefathers and the people today that give in so many ways to protect us. I choose to stand behind the military, police, and politicians even when they make mistakes. I know without a doubt there are some bad apples sprinkled throughout every community and occupation – it doesn’t make the whole bunch corrupt. I’m for change that makes sense and creates a better Union for us all. 

I will be courteous, kind, giving, helpful, strong, faith-filled, and more than anything hope for a greater tomorrow. I will invite you in, feed you when you are hungry, warm you by my fire, encourage you, celebrate your successes, pick you up when you fail, pray for you, share what I have when you have a need, give you my friendship and respect… and hope you will do the same.  

My Advice: Make today great and tomorrow greater by your presence and commitment to healthy change to do your part! 

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