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December 2018 


What I’ve Learned About Writing During Christmas 

I have learned to never, never ever, set a writing deadline during the holidays. As an author, I am an observer and keeper of history in the making. My job is to capture moments and honor traditions of God, family, friends, and community.  

If my mind is on editing and meeting writing deadlines, I miss the life stories happening around me. I need to be available. I need to be present in the moment as we celebrate. 


Christmas is a time to 

  • watch babies experience their first of many Christmas celebrations;  
  • meet shy new significant others and introduce them to crazy, loud, busy family; 
  • see Great Uncle Joe pretend to be gruff when he truly is a teddy bear at heart; 
  • hear children shriek with joy as they begin their own journey, story, and generation of new traditions and experiences;  
  • welcome new people into the family and make strangers feel like family; 
  • remember the reason we have this Christmas season, the birth of Christ, our Redeemer.  


Conversations are a vital part of being family and close friends. We recall and laugh about our past celebrations, burnt feast, and disagree over which of Grandma Mattie Lou’s desserts should be “the best in show”. There may be tears, laughter, and raised voices all in the same conversation. During this season we take time to remember those who are with Jesus and those who are out-of-touch. These conversations bind us as family.  


Being an author is what God created me to be. He wants me to capture the joy, love, and family.  

Ecclesiastes 3:1 reminds me to stay in the moment because there is a time for everything. “There is an appointed time for everything. And there is a time for every [a]event under heaven—” NASB 

As my family’s scribe, I’m the story-keeper, the one who remember the details and scribbles in journals the precious recollections for future generations.  Soon enough it will be time to say good-bye to the out-of-town family and friends and begin to write down all the experiences. 

My advice author friends take the time to experience the life around you and then capture the moments with words for the generations to come. 





DeeDee Lake is the Marriage Expert, although, she’s only be married for thirty-five years. She speaks and writes about taking your marriage and relationships from ordinary to extraordinary. DeeDee also works with CrossRiver Media as their Author Relations Coordinator. A job she loves because she connects and encourages other authors. 

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Advice from an Older Sister, column in El Paso County Newspaper, Fountain, Colorado 

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