The Question is always the same.  

What is the secret to making a marriage successful? 

 We wanted to know the answer too. We raised the topic to those who were living well and we asked those who failed. We gleaned from them the answers of what they applied in God’s sight as right and also the things they would have done differently.  Then we listened to the answers. Applying godly wisdom from the start.  We learn to have teachable hearts. 

This month my husband and I celebrate thirty years of marriage. One of faith in God, blessings, laughter, communication, shared experiences, stress, moves, military, children, friends, family, love, words, activities, listening, illness, health, celebrations, and tears. It is difficult to place them in order of priority when I reflect on our relationship.  

Never given the opportunity to tell the story.  I thought I would take this month of November, the month before the celebration to reflect and fully answer “‘what is the secret to our successful marriage?”  

It is my honor to take you on this journey through the history of our lives.  God beautifully intertwined the two. Blossoming the legacy of love into a strong family branching it out by His design.  Through the ashes of the filthy, dirty rags He promised to bring beauty and that He alone has done and continues to do so every day. We in the Lake home are truly blessed and humbled to call Jesus Christ our Savior and Lord. 

We are two people who did not know Christ. We now fully rely on Him to lead, guide and direct our paths. I hope by the end you will understand what the secret is to a successful life, marriage, and family. 

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