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Trust begins with Christ.

The 3 T’s of Extraordinary Relationships

Transparency. Truthfulness. Trustworthiness

Are you building a reputation of integrity? What motivates you to choose the decisions you make?  Are you transparent? Truthful? Trustworthy? Trustworthiness is a trait that never goes out of style and being authentic is one of the cornerstones of extraordinary relationships.

Choose to live purposefully being transparent, truthful, and trustworthy. 

We hear politicians promise “transparency” but we are often disappointed when their lack of it is evident. Choose to live your life in a way people easily see and perceive your motives. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we all lived transparent lives? 

Are you living a life of:

  • transparency?
  • truthfulness?
  • trustworthiness?

Often, we put emphasis on other people’s character, yet fail to examine our own motives?

Honesty is possible. Make a commitment to live your life operating in truth. Sorry, It’s not okay to fib to your boss or lie to the IRS. (Yes, it almost tax time again!) Your words are a testimony of your character.  

Example of a couple who are trustworthy, transparent, and, and have truthfulness.
Living a life with trust, transparency, and truth!

Some people will only know you by your words. Live in truth and you will never have to worry about being caught in a lie or deception. Your word is your bond. Your word should be reliable.  

Transparency. Truthfulness. Trustworthiness

Are you the kind of friend who is trustworthy in your words, deeds, and intentions? A true friend is worth more than their weight in gold.  

We want those in authority and the ones closest to us to have integrity. We should live a life of integrity too.

No one wants a to set a loose a crook with their banking or personal information. That would not be good!  Just as we expect others to be worthy of our trust, may we be found worthy also. 

2023 is already one-twelfth over. Are you moving forward in your New Year’s Resolutions? Go for it. You can accomplish your New Year’s goal just like an ant eats an elephant, one bite at a time. Build integrity one conversation, text, or deed at a time. Include transparency, truth and trust in your New Year’s Resolution then see how your life improves. 

I am looking forward to an amazing year for you and your loved ones. Will you live a life of transparency, truth, and trust? 

“The integrity of the upright guides them, . . .” 

Proverbs 11:3a NLT has an excellent article you might like on the benefits of transparency. It is “5 Benefits Of Transparency In A Relationship and how To Show It.”

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