Trust god. god first. 


Seasons change and so do the times in our lives. I thought I knew how to Trust God until recently when I had to trust Him. 

I wanted to live this season of my life well. I would love to look back at this very difficult time and see how I fully trusted God.  

My faith grew as our kids grew. I naturally trusted our kids to the God from whom all things came. Somehow it was easier than to trust and lean on the Savior. 

A few months ago, I found I had trouble letting go of the grand-babies and our daughter as they moved into another season in their lives. I know in my soul that God can do all things. I know that God loves them more than I do. I know that God is worthy of my trust. 

And yet, I grieved. I am a person that lives life fully and squeeze every bit of life from every day. I have few regrets in my life. Letting go should be so easy. Letting go so God can do what God does so well. And yet, I clung not to the Savior but to relationships that I love too.  I recognized I was doing.  I felt desperate as the time for the change grew near. 

The phrase “let go, let God” rang in my ears. Still I hurt. Still I ached for my loss. 

In my sorrow, I did what I know to do.  I prayed. I journaled. I started looking up instead of looking inward. The first words I journaled were, “God Wins”. 

I sat with those two words for a while.  I just stared at them.  I was not even sure why I had written them. 

Then God reminded me.  I am His and His alone.  I started to write the words that identify me as God’s daughter.  The list grew long, and my ache began to subside. My tears dried on my face as I allowed hope to enter my soul. 

God was not punishing me. God only wants good things for me, for my future.  God wanted to be first in my life.  He deserves first place especially because without Him, the author of life, there would be no me, no relationships and no eternal future in Heaven. 

God is real. God is love. God is fiercely in love with each of us. Months have passed, and many things have changed. My daughter and grandchildren still live far away. They remain deeply embedded in my heart right behind the Savior. 

And God, He has taken His rightful place in my life.  He is no longer just God but the Lord of my life in all thing. 

Be blessed today.  Turn to Jesus for your comfort and every other thing you need.  He is Provider. He is Healer. He is the Comforter. 

I ask you today, where does God sit in your life?  Is He on the throne or just one of many in the crowds of your life? 


View life through a spiritual lens. Remember we are not to be of this world but to love this world. If you can see people the way Jesus sees them, you will be changed.  

How does your life reflect Jesus? 

I once heard if being a Christian was against the law is there enough evidence of Christ in your life to convict you?  

What do others see in you? Will they see the love of Christ reflected in your eyes for them? We were all broken before the blood of Christ cleansed us. No one gets to heaven without Jesus. 

Today, take a chance to reach out to someone who is not in your comfort zone. Watch to see how the Holy Spirit will work when you invite Him into the relationship.   

Marriage (and any relationship) takes three – you, me and God. 

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