Title: – Shared Faith – The Top Ten Core Principles of Extraordinary Relationship Series 

People in extraordinary relationships know core principles are used to create long-lasting, healthy relationships. Previously I’ve written about honesty, loyalty, and commitment. The list of core principles would not be complete without faith.  

A shared faith, an active, growing faith, a purposeful faith holds relationships together. An example of this is when God speaks of a cord made of three strands being stronger than one. It is true, try to break a one strand and then a three-strand rope and see the difference. 

My hope is before you commit to a life-long relationship you will be sure that you share the same faith. If you’ve read anything I’ve written you know that I’m a born again Christian. My husband shares the same faith.  

When we married nearly four decades ago, we were baby Christians, but we were of the same faith, Christians. It is a great comfort when my husband prays for me and with me. Spending time growing in our faith and knowledge is the center of our relationship and how we can maintain an extraordinary marriage. 

You can have this too.  

Faith is a filter people see the world through. If you and your mate are looking through different filters it will be extremely difficult to agree on most things. Parenting. Boundaries. Finances. The list goes on and on. 

Don’t commit to a relationship with the idea that you will change the person you love. When you make the choice to be with them you must be willing to accept them with warts and all.  When you marry you become one. A body at war with itself only damages, never heals or loves.  

If through maturity and knowledge they are willing to change, that’s great. To keep yourself from being disappointed, don’t count on it. We rarely change those closest to us. 

My hope is you and your spouse/mate will share the same faith and grow closer while experiencing an extraordinary relationship. If you don’t currently share the same faith, it’s time for a discussion and a coming to agreement of what faith you will base your lives on.  

Your relationship will flourish when you see that a shared faith is a core principle of extraordinary, long-lasting, healthy relationships. Put your faith into action. 

My Advice: 

Core principles of extraordinary relationships always include a shared faith entwines every choice, every decision, and every expectation with each other.  




Faith, God, and Prayer 

Ordinary to Extraordinary Series 


Extraordinary requires faith. Faith in God. Faith in each other. Faith in your relationship. 


A simple thing you can do to change from ordinary to extraordinary is to have the same spiritual belief. Before marriage it is important to know each other’s beliefs and what they plan to practice in their lives. If you are already committed, choose one. 


Prayer and Faith 

Many of the very extraordinary couples I know are Christians with a very strong faith who put God in the middle of their lives. Prayer is the cornerstone of our marriage. We pray individually but also pray with each other. 


 I know in our world today people often forgo faith and prayer. They also lose their way in life when they don’t have a common faith to ground them. It may seem old fashion but having a union that is centered in faith changes relationships from ordinary to extraordinary every time. Worshipping the same God together creates a strong bond that the world doesn’t get to break. 


Try Church 


Try going to church.  Attend and participate. If the first church isn’t a good fit, go to another one. And another one until you find the one. Ask God to show you the way. 


Pray together when you start your day, at meals, and before you go to bed. Pray together over the big and small things. You can praise God for your mate, pray for your mate, and ask God to make you an extraordinary partner. Be sure to thank God for all He provides and will provide. 


Take the time to learn about the God who created you and your precious mate. God, not man, created marriage. God designed your mate just for you. Treat your beloved as a cherished treasure and you will be amazed how it transforms your relationship.  


My Advice 


What have you got to lose? Throw out your old way of thinking and begin an extraordinary relationship based in a common faith, God, and prayer. 




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