Too Tired to Care 


Recently, I was boarding an airplane and saw printed on a woman’s shirt, “Too tired to care”. At first it made me chuckle. Later I reflected and wondered what was she too tired to care about. Hmm?  


It made me think about parents, infants, toddlers, children, and teenagers. Were the words about those who are sleep deprived, stressed, and needing a week at a spa? Maybe. 


Or perhaps, she was part of the sandwich generation – the time of your life when you begin to be the caregivers of your parents while still taking care of your own children. Was if finances? Was her family about to lose everything? Okay, maybe that was a bit dramatic but unfortunately reality for some.  


What was she too tired to care about? I wished I had a glimpse of the rest of her shirt. Maybe it would have answered my questions. 


Was she too tired to care about laundry, dishes, or the floors? Maybe, she was over the fuss with her neighbors and chose to care no longer about the havoc created with their loud music and motors. Maybe she was a member of a support group for narcolepsy. Hmm? 


Do you see how those four little words could be applied to a plethora of situations? Maybe it was my writer’s imagination but I couldn’t let go of the idea and began to question myself. Being on a plane for several hours gives you plenty of time to reflect.  


“Too tired to care”. The words bothered me.  Although, I’m a complete optimist, I questioned my own life. Was there was an area that I was too tired to care about?  By the end of the flight I had not found an area of my life where I was too tired to care.  


How about you? Is there an area of your life you are too tired to care? Self-reflection is helpful for fresh perspective. A little something, I use to remind myself when experiencing a difficult time in life, is the phrase, it is only for a season.  If you find you need to be encouraged, find your way to Ecclesiastes Chapter 3 verse 1 in the New International Bible, “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heaven.” The chapter goes on to compare many things.  


I wish I could have chatted with the young lady. I wish I had discovered what she was too tired to care about and then encourage her with these wise words, many things are to be endured only for a season.  


Take a chance today and be a total optimist and don’t give up caring. If your life had a saying on a tee-shirt what would it be? Perhaps, “Start strong. Finish strong.” 



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