“Three Things” 


While watching TV, I heard a person asked, “What three things would you take to an island?” The person picked three things. Of course, now my mind wandered and wondered. I’m not normally so easily sidetracked but, on this day, I was very distracted by the question and the answer.  


The TV person answered they would take their little dog, a laptop and internet. Really? If you are on an island how will you get an internet signal? How long do you think your laptop would stay charged? As for the dog, what will you feed it? I found myself chatting to the television. 


Being a person with a healthy imagination I began to go down a rabbit hole trying to figure out what I would need, want, or take to this mystical island that only has enough room for you to bring three things.  


How quickly our imaginations fill in the blanks when we aren’t given full details. Jerry Jenkins who wrote the “Left Behind” series teaches writing classes. He says let the reader fill in the details. In this case, what kind of island – tropical or glacier, what time of the year, and are you alone on this populated or deserted isle? 


I’ve lived all over the world different continents, isthmus of Panama, peninsula of South Korea, coastal states along with landlocked states. All this traveling and living in different places helps when my mind fills in the details when I read. 


Because our mind fills in the minute, missing details we are normally disappointed when we read the book before seeing a story at the movies.  Often you hear, “the movie wasn’t as good as the book”.  


This ability to fill the gap is wonderful when we read or hear a fictional story. Substituting missing details is not so great when we confuse our imaginations and think they are facts. Rumors can easily spread and gain momentum and becomes “truth”.  


Next time you hear a story, ask yourself is it fact or fiction. In this time of “fake news” it is always a good idea to check the information source. 


Now it’s your turn, what three things would you bring to an island? Me? I would probably bring my bible (and reading glasses), plenty of pens and papers and music or I would bring a huge hammock, sunscreen, and lots of food.  I can’t make up my mind. I suppose it is good that I’m not heading off to any mystical island any time soon. 


Enjoy your God-given imagination and enjoy your journeys. 

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