The School of Love  


Would you say you are a student of your husband, wife, or significant other? Do they study you? 

I was listening to a comedian who said he loves being married and he studies his wife. His statement stopped me, and I began to wonder how prevalent this thought is with committed couples. 

Remember when you first met or start dating how you couldn’t stop thinking of this new person in your life. You watched how they moved, what they ate, listen to the sound of their voice, and smelled their cologne even after they left? I do. I met my man thirty-seven years ago and I can still recall what we were both wearing – wish I could still fit in that outfit.  

Connecting with someone else is a powerful emotion. Sometimes your first meeting doesn’t go so well, and you have a different kind of emotion besides puppy love. That’s okay too because you connected. It’s the feelings you have that make you human and vulnerable to pain, love, hurt, and joy. 

Often after you’ve been in a relationship you stop noticing the very things that attracted you. I’d like to encourage you to graduate from being a student to a professor of your mate. Try being the most knowledgeable where it concerns your loved one. Never stop learning about him or her because they never stop growing.  

If you continue to study your partner you will be amazed how attracted, you still are. The other day I was at my computer and my man surprised me from behind when he spoke. Instantly, I knew it was him and remembered one of the things I love most about him is his voice.  

The next step I took was to turn, smile at him, and tell him exactly what I was thinking. No guessing. He knew I was attracted to him and the fire is still burning. I knew it pleased him because since then he has tried to recreate the moment several times! 

If you are a student or a professor of your loved one you will be rewarded for knowing them in a deeply personal way with an amazing relationship. Isn’t that what we all crave?  

Want to connect? Take your love relationship to a higher level of learning. 


My Advice: It’s time. Get back in school – the Academy of Love- and study your mate. 

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