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Superpower of Positive Language 


I confess I’ve a secret. I am a total people person. I love to observe people’s interactions, hear their word choices, and notice their attitudes. You can learn a lot about people by listening and watching them.  

I must confess another secret; I have a superpower.  

Yep, I can lip read. It is how I communicated for years before having my cochlear implant. Like all superpowers, there are limitations to mine. I can’t actually read everyone’s lips, especially if they realize I’m doing it. People get a little strange and start moving their mouth in odd ways. They can’t help it once they are aware of my super ability. 

I’ve been deaf throughout my life and continue to be today. Because I wear a cochlear implant and don’t have a speech problem often people are unaware of my hearing loss. I rather enjoy the surprise on their face when they find out.  

Now that you know about my hearing loss you might understand a bit more why language is so important to me. The ability to fluently communicate is a blessing we often overlook. Years ago, soldiers and sailors would go for months and months without word from their loved ones. Now a days, military families can usually connect in a moment’s notice through text, facetime, and much more with a click. 

The question is not how but what are we communicating? What are we speaking out into the world? Do we use our words for good or evil? (I know, another reference to superheroes.) We all have the power of language to communicate respect, love, honor, and good will toward others.  

It’s through our words we show humility and kindness. Wouldn’t it be amazing if we all chose to live a life where we project a positive attitude through our language? It’s possible. We can do this in all our interactions. If we are purposeful about our word choices as we discuss and disagree, we can keep a hold on our positive language and maintain peaceful relationships. 

It is perfectly fine to disagree and to have different beliefs, what is not okay is to be unkind and hurtful with our words. I don’t know about you, but I was certainly raised to not use “mean” words. I think today we’ve given ourselves permission to be hurtful, unkind, and demeaning when we can choose to communicate the same opinions in a positive, loving way. 

Let’s use the language of love when we speak. When we make observations of other’s attitudes and choices remember words have power for life and for death. What will you choose? What does the world learn about you when they see your interactions, hear your word, and notice your attitudes? 

My Advice: 

Use your own superpower of word choices and attitudes. Use your own superpower of Positivity today! 

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