Rain, Rain Go Away 

“Rain, Rain go away” and don’t come back. I imagine that’s what people in the path of Harvey and Irma might be saying. The people in the fire states would love to say, “Rain, Rain come today.” 

I’ve lived all around the world and every time zone in the United States. Every region has its own weather issues. When we decided to live in Colorado ten years ago, we hoped to avoid tornadoes, hurricanes, flooding, and earthquakes. So far, so good. 

Although I’m blessed to live in Colorado, my heart and prayers are with all the people affected by Harvey, Irma, and all the wildfires. Many of us want to lend assistance and to help in some way. We see amazing stories of neighbor helping neighbor. Strangers rescuing people they don’t even know. There are stories of groups heading south to render aid wherever they are needed. I love living in a country where people don’t hesitate to answer the call for help.  

My advice is:  

  • Be cautious with whom you trust. Giving support to well-known established agencies is the best place for your support. 
  • Be aware of the wicked ones who may try to deceive. 
  • Be ready. Always be prepared to go where God calls you. 
  • Be careful whom you choose to send money, supplies, and assistance. God tells us to be wise. It is okay to say no when you are asked to donate or give items. 

Over the next few weeks and months, it is likely you will receive emails, calls and letters soliciting your support. Pray for wisdom and allow God to reveal the direction you should go to help our fellow citizens.  

I’m proud to call myself a United States Citizen. I’m overjoyed to be a part of a united country. I’m praying we can continue to be united citizens. Daily I remind myself, good or bad weather, God is in control. Be safe. Be good to one another. Be careful. 

God is still God. 









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