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Positive Perspective 

Perspective is the difference between living your life with a gloomy, dark cloud over you or a lifetime of warm, sunny days. 

Why do many people choose to view life so harshly? Yes, bad things happen. Awful things happen, they’re occurring now, but they don’t need to be the things we promote, think and act on. To live well, we must purposefully focus on the positive in our world. 

Prickly porcupine peeps is what I think of when my path crosses a cynical personality. Have you met them… negative people? They think, speak, and act pessimistically. “Ugh” is their favorite go-to word. Something always seems to be wrong, and rarely is it their fault. Innocent of all guilt, they assume the role of victim.  

These individuals remind me of trying to hug a prickly porcupine. They are in a constant funk. The secret of these prickly porcupine peeps is they need love, acceptance, and fun just like all the other peeps. They want to be heard and understood. It’s when they perceive they aren’t that their attitude takes a nosedive.  

The good news is with encouragement and connection people with the prickly porcupine view change their attitude and welcome the positive into their lives.  

They become the perfectly, positive porcupines. Yes, they do exist Virginia (A little poetic license from “Miracle on 34th Street.) It is a great experience when we cross paths them.  

It’s important to remember, the precious porcupines may see life as black and white. They will most likely never be the life of the party, your best bud, or a big hugger but they still deserve and require love, understanding, and connection. It just looks a little different when you are dealing with porcupines instead of cuddly koalas. 

My Advice: 

Filter your perspective through positivity and focus on three optimistic things today and be sure to share them in person, digitally and on your social media platforms. We all need a daily dose of positivity. 


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