Positive Living Series 

Positive Living Checklist 

Do you know the difference between individuals who are positive and those who are negative? People who live a positive life make choices everyday to maintain that lifestyle. Sometimes we need a list. Here are few things you can incorporate to create your own positive life. 

  • Eat a healthy, balanced diet. Remember to drink lots of water. 
  • Schedule (and do) exercise 3-4 times a week. 
  • Get plenty of restorative sleep. 
  • Limit stress or stressors (remove the drama mamas from your life.) 
  • Limit alcohol and excessive living. 


High on my list to Live Positively are: 

  • Staying strong and growing in my faith. 
  • Be honest to myself and others. 
  • Go outdoors and connect with God and nature. 
  • Share my life with others. Be a mentor. 
  • Have a teachable spirit and not fear being new at something. 
  • Remember the past, look forward to the future, and always live in the moment. 
  • Never hold grudges – forgiveness is life giving. 


To be active in your life means, you will: 

  • Fight for causes you believe in. 
  • Stand and support the weak. 
  • Celebrate Successes; yours and other peoples. 
  • Learn from failure and always fall forward. 
  • Connect with your family, friends, and community on a regular basis. 
  • Be a good neighbor. 


For some a list like this is overwhelming but it doesn’t have to be. You can make simple, small changes every day until they become who you are, your way of living a positive life. 

Ask yourself, what is the legacy I’m living right now? What do I think about my life and then create your own Positive Living list. Yours may not look like this one but it will be yours.  

You have the power to create the life you want. Surround yourself with encouraging, positive people and be the same for others and you will notice a huge difference in your journey to living positively.  

My Advice: 

Create your own Positive Living Checklist and begin making small changes every day! 


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