Parental Choices 

By now, most parents and school boards have made the decision how they will manage Covid-19 and the beginning of the 20-21 school year. It hasn’t been easy on anyone – especially the students.  

I must admit I am a bit biased in this debate, although, I don’t have a dog in the hunt. Our family chose to home-school for ten years and now our kiddos are all grown up – the oldest is 29 ½. (Can’t say the 3-0 number just yet.) So, here I am weighing in on this topic of kids being taught at school. 

You might think I believe everyone should home-school their kids, but I don’t. It’s a different, special breed of parents who take on the role of parent-teacher. It is something to be researched, prayed about, equipped and so much more before deciding it is right for your family to do school at home.  

Home-schooling takes lots of patience, time, and energy that some parents don’t have on a full-time basis with their own kids – and that’s perfectly okay. It’s best to know your limits and get help (i.e. public education, friends, or family) when you need it. In this time when parents are being forced to make decisions that are unprecedented it’s tough to know the right choice. 


FYI: Have you noticed teachers don’t teach their own kids K-12? Right? And rarely do they teach several grades at the same time.  


I admire parents of today. They certainly have a harder time parenting then I did. Protecting your children from being on-line targets, protecting them from bullies, and now…a horrible unseen germ that can wreak havoc.  

Let’s be kind and connect with one another in the “germ-free, social distancing, safe” way. Parents and kids need us to come alongside of them not judge them. You can be a blessing to the kids too! 


My Advice: To the parents, it’s okay to do what is best (homeschool or public education) for your family, for you, and for your kids. To everyone else, let’s be supportive of their choices and be part of the solution not the problem – try connecting with families with kids at home. Parents and kids will appreciate the help, it will give mom and dad a chance to chat and have a cup of coffee while it’s hot! 

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