Make it Memorable. Be Memorable.

Connecting during the coronavirus pandemic is easier than it was during the Spanish Flu or the Black Plague. We have access to online calls to see each other’s faces, social media, cell phones, texting, and 24-7 movies and tv. We’ve spent years lamenting our lack of time with family and friends and now we have more than we know what to do with. What are we doing to make this a memorable time for us and our loved ones? 

Our daughter, her two kids, and three dogs came from Texas to ride out the Stay at Home Order with her dad and me. We are thrilled they are with us and we don’t need to worry about them being two states away not that we can protect them from an unseen virus. But you know what I mean, every momma chicken wants to pull her baby chicks under her for shelter.  

We’ve tried to make the time memorable with our grandkids who miss their dad, school, and friends. Several hours of board games, online schoolwork, watching movies, and eating meals at the table together have occupied us over the last several weeks. Lately, we’ve gotten a little more creative and started teaching our grandson how to ride a bike without training wheels, played croquet at the empty park, and created lots of TikTok videos. We’ve baked cakes, looked at the full moon, and learned to knit using YouTube videos.  

I know it is an exceedingly challenging time for people dealing with the virus, being out of work, and life interrupted. It is also a time for us to enjoy the slower pace of life and get to know each other a little better. Call your neighbor, check on individuals who are riding this out alone, and take time to pray for our nation, healing, and the future. We have at least two more weeks in our imposed lock-in, make the most of it. Make it memorable in a wonderful way. Document your thoughts and activities because in a few years people will want to know how you managed your life during the great plague of 2020.  

What will be your answer? 


My advice: pray often, laugh easily, be gracious and memorable! 

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