There are basic principles to create extra-ordinary relationships. Certainly, being loyal is in the top ten.  

How loyal are you? Do you stick with the ones you love even when they aren’t at their best or they are at their lowest? Those are the times when a friend or spouse shows their true colors. It is so easy to promise in your marriage vows to be loyal, but when the rubber meets the road how loyal are you? 

It’s a choice. When things are going great loyalty typically comes easily. When things are rough – not so much. However, it is something you can work on if it isn’t your greatest strength. Knowing that it is a choice to be loyal might make it easier for you to do it.  

Loyalty doesn’t come naturally for everyone. It is a muscle you must build with experiences like: 

  • Being a shoulder to cry on. 
  • Being an ear to listen to words you may have heard before. 
  • Jumping into the hurt to find your friend and hold them close. 
  • Giving an encouraging word – sometimes you might be the only encourager they have – that’s okay, do it anyway. 
  • Speaking the truth gently but honestly – that’s a hard one. 
  • Letting the person, you care about know they are important to you no matter life’s circumstances. 
  • Always, always being available to encourage and celebrate successes! 

Loyalty is the glue that holds relationships together. Through thick or thin – Be the glue! 



My Advice 

If you want to change your ordinary relationships to extra-ordinary relationships be the most loyal person you know. 

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