Love Fest 


I love to laugh, giggle, and chat but never run except when I see my grand-blessings.  

It is a tremendous pleasure when someone comes over and we settle in for a long visit. Catching up with and encouraging one another. It brings life to us. 

Our two grand-blessings spend several nights a week overnight in our home. Every time, I hear them coming up the stairs and we see each other there is a love fest. It doesn’t matter if it was just a few hours before that we saw each other or a few days, we squeal and run for the embrace. I am overjoyed. 

I imagine that’s how God must feel when we, his adopted children, come to Him. He hears us begin to pray or open our bibles and begin to read His word, and His joy begins to bubble over. He is so familiar with us He recognizes our whispered prayers, the cries we make in the night or how we praise Him for the blessings He pours out.  

Just like our grand-blessings capture us with everything they want to discuss, Jesus is waiting to hear your hopes. Our three-year old granddaughter can out talk an auctioneer. I would not miss a single syllable that little one utters. God wants that more than a grandparent does. We wear out. He never will. 

Run to Jesus for a love fest. Run to Him for a warm welcoming embrace. He is always ready to receive you with open outstretched arms. 


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