Linger with the Lord 

 It’s late. I like to write in the evening. Sometimes I linger over my journal and wait to hear what God is trying to tell me. On this night, our house is quiet, I sit back and listen to the soft jazzy music streaming from my computer and remember the beginning of the day.  

Before the dogs needed attention or the coffee was brewed, or before our three-year-old, precious granddaughter opened her eyes, I gazed at her sweet face and waited for her to wake. Our little giggly, girly-girl had spent the night and would want our full attention later when we played imaginary games with her.  

Before the house became completely alive, when it was just God and me sharing a moment of peace, I knew joy. It was that kind of moment that made me want the clock to slow down so I could soak in the love and joy I felt watching her sweet face. 

She woke and stared at me with those big beautiful eyes of hers. My heart melted. We planned to spend the day together and she wanted it to start immediately. The first item on her “to do” list was some serious tickling and giggling.  

We drank hot tea and ate scones (a.k.a. vanilla wafers). We had a beautiful tea party with real teacups. Today was a day well lived. The day was full of love, giggles, and plenty of cuddles.  

It was a busy day, a sweet day. It was time well spent. Time with my husband and our little three-year-old granddaughter. I wish every day could be well spent, a day with the Lord, with family, helping a friend, praying for someone in need, doing ministry and moving forward in goals. If I could choose, every day would be filled with laughter and chatting. Wouldn’t that be great? Sometimes we need to linger. God wants to spend time with us just like we did with our little cutie. 

God wants us to know, he stares at our faces too. He wants us to feel His arms around us and our lives. He wants us to linger a little longer.  

Chat a little more. Read His word aloud, letting Him hear His words on our lips. We are in a relationship with Him. He wants our time and attention. Take a moment, or two, relax at the Saviors feet. Join Him and breathe in life with Christ. It is good. He is good. Take all your worries, cares and concerns straight to Jesus. He is waiting to have you give them all to Him. 

1 Peter 5:7 says it is so. “Give all your worries and cares to God, for he cares about you.” 


My advice sister: Rest a little longer. The world will still be outside the door. You will be stronger for having spent time with the Lord.  Be Blessed today. 

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