It is late and the house is dark and quiet except for the music coming from the TV. Today was a busy day. It started sweet with moments you can never recover. Time with my husband and our little three-year-old granddaughter. We joined into her imaginary game. I can honestly say. Today was a day well lived. 

I wish every day could be a day spent with the Lord, with family, helping a friend, praying for someone in need, doing ministry, and moving forward in goals. Wouldn’t that be great?  

Then I sit back and listen to the music playing and I remember the beginning of the day. 

Before the granddaughter woke. Before the dogs needed attention. When it was just God and me quietly, communing in those moments before the house became alive.  

 Some days that is all God requires of us. 

He just wants us. He just wants us to linger a little longer. Chat a little more. Read His word aloud, letting Him hear His words on our lips. We are in a relationship with Him. He wants our time and attention. Take a moment, or two, and relax at the Savior’s feet. Join Him and breathe in life with Christ. It is good. He is good. Take all your worries, cares, and concerns straight to Jesus. He is waiting to have you give them all to Him. 2 Peter 5:7 says it is so.  

Rest a little longer. The world will still be outside the door. You will be stronger for having spent time with the Lord. 

Be Blessed today. 

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