In God’s economy, everyone counts. 

I would be embarrassed to say how I reacted when someone had children or said they were expecting. I just knew they had crossed over into the dark side. If a rowdy family sat near us I would most likely move. We did not have friends with kids. 

Seth and I were married six years, knew we couldn’t have children, and had recently moved to South Korea. We had beautiful white furniture and white carpet and I was very happy to keep it that way. We had a great marriage. I did not want to do anything that would bring harm. I loved My Man. 

Unfortunately, I grew up with a very twisted belief. I was told by my mother on several occasions that children separated a couple. I was mistakenly led to believe, I alone was the reason my parents were not emotionally or physically close. It was a burden that almost cost me the most precious relationships I was designed to experience.  

I was unaware. God had a plan. 

Seth and I grew up in non-Christian homes. God had been working on us before the move to Korea. We were both saved yet never baptized and disciplined. Before leaving stateside we were baptized in an Alabama creek. 

We began attending chapel services and met couples and some families. Melissa was one of the children God brought in to our lives. Missy adored Seth. I had on many occasions tried to give her my usual “don’t even think about it child” mean face to scare her off. She didn’t budge. She would stare at Seth would love and adoration. 

One Sunday we sat in the pews getting up and down throughout the service. Somehow Missy had wiggled a place between me and My Man. Before I could challenge her with my mean face scowl, God spoke to me. I had heard that God spoke but wasn’t sure I quite believed it. 

When God speaks it is very clear it is Him. 

In a moment God showed me the truth. Children do not separate you from your spouse. Children bring a bond that goes beyond explanation. I saw Seth’s face as he looked at me with love and then I looked down at little ten-year-old Missy. 

 It was at that moment, that God revealed to me I had been deceived. He showed me a picture of how children bring the love of husband and wife closer. I felt so much love for her and my husband. I was overwhelmed. I was changed.  

I knew then that God had a baby for me. I knew I was going to be a mother. I could hardly wait for the service to be over. I knew God had a baby waiting for me outside of the chapel doors on that sunny spring day in South Korea. I was a bit dismayed to discover no baby on the church step. I still knew God had a child that would be ours very soon. 

We left Korea and had a three-month wait in the States while Seth had foot surgery. Or was that why we were delayed? 

I told anyone who would listen that God had a baby for me at our new duty station in Panama. Well-meaning people tried to disway me concerned that I would be disappointed. I knew what I knew. Our baby was waiting for us in Panama. 

We arrived at the airport in Panama and I scanned everywhere I could see. I thought for sure God would have our baby at the airport waiting for me. Not yet. But I was still sure in what God spoke. 

We checked into the post-temporary quarters. No baby. But, there was a commercial on the military TV programming that said if you want to adopt come to the hospital the next week. I felt a bit foolish when we arrived at the hospital. You know what I was thinking. Hospital – Baby? It was an informational meeting only. 

God’s plan was in motion.  

Six weeks after arriving in Panama, we had six hours’ notice that our four-month-old beautiful Kuna Indian baby would be arriving on the missionary plane. We met at the military PX, on Tax Day 1991, and within minutes our baby girl was placed in our arms. 

Nothing was wasted in God’s economy.  

Our daughter, Gabrielle’s life was spared. In her tribe if a child is not wanted they are left to die on the edge of the island. God used Gabrielle to grow us in our faith.  

We went on to adopt four years later. Our son was fated to be born and abandoned in a New York City hospital. We were told of him the day after he was born. Three weeks later our busy boy was in our arms. A child abandon is not adoptable in the state of New York. His life would have been so much different than the one God blessed him with. 

Melissa has Down syndrome. God used this child whom others would dismiss to change generations. She was used to repair the lie that came from the Pit. She was used to heal my childhood wounds. 

I no longer live with the shame of a lie that was not my own. I am a blessed woman, wife, mother, grandmother, and Follower of Christ. 

My husband was able to become a father. He had longed for a child to call his own. He counts husband, father, grandfather, and Child of God as his greatest accomplishments.  

Without Melissa, our family would never have existed. Melissa may never understand how God used her to move mountains and change many lives for eternity. 

God knows. Everyone counts. 

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