Submitted March 14, 2022 


Guest Blog for Deb Allard 

(After I met Seth, how did I know he was my true love?) 

How Did I know? 

I wasn’t looking for love when I met the love of my life, but it didn’t take long before I knew he was the one. I’ve always had a blueprint for my life. Yes, I know the way to make God giggle is to make plans. He must have laughed until His tummy hurt over mine.  

My plan: College. Pass the bar and become and international attorney. Live overseas. Perhaps marry around thirty-five years old. No children.  

God’s plan: While in my first year of college meet Seth. Marry five months later at age nineteen and half. Seven years later adopt our daughter, four years after that adopt our son. Become a full-time housewife and homeschool mother.  

Guess whose plan worked out. Yep. You got it. I’m so grateful God’s plan was better than mine. 

When I met, Seth, my sweet-future hubby, he was in helicopter flight school. His wide shoulders, six-foot frame, blonde hair, and stunning blue eyes caught my attention immediately. But what captured me was his strength of character, humility, kindness, romantic nature, and he was, and is, the most gentlemanly man I have ever met. Seth’s ability to be comfortable with me being the strong, independent woman God created me to be, sealed the deal.  

Many of my friends have commented over the years how much they like to watch Seth’s face as he looks at me. They say he always looks at me with love, pride, tenderness, and support. That’s the man I didn’t know I needed but God did.   

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