Fight to Laugh Another Day 

Core Principles of Extra-Ordinary Relationships Series 

Fight to Laugh Another Day, isn’t what we normally hear. But they are two practices that people who experience extraordinary relationships actively do. They know either instinctively, or have learned the hard way, that amazing love stories have these core principles. They fight for their relationship and remember to laugh often. 

Examine closely these two principles of extraordinary couples. Let’s begin with “fight for”. The difference between “fighting” and “fighting for” as you might realize are vastly different. Fighting is … well, disagreeing, arguing, failing to hear someone’s heart, basically no fun.  

However, Fighting For, is valiant, impressive, and brings honor. Every great love story has a hero willing to do whatever it takes to win the love of their beloved, they’ll slay a dragon to impress their sweetie. The champion puts their comfort and needs aside to conquer the demons who would try to come between them and their great love. 

Movie heroes are a little hard to live up to in real life, but the willingness to be the hero of your relationship is a real-life possibility. Put your love’s needs before your own and soon you will see they will reciprocate your actions. Everyone wins! 

Every person needs to know the person they love can be trusted to fight for them, to be willing to do the hard work to gain their respect. It shows them they are important and wanted. Ever hear of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs? Safety is in the top 5! 

Here is the key to an extra-ordinary relationship, make your partner feel safe by your willingness to Fight For them and you will have the opportunity to Laugh Every Day! Humor is fun, healing, and tightens the bonds of love. 

Afterall, God gave us the ability to express ourselves with humor and laugh when something strikes us funny. Not everyone experiences joy with the same things. It’s important to never laugh at someone only with them. If they aren’t amused … it isn’t funny. No matter how funny you think it is. 

Extraordinary couples understand each other’s sense of humor and look for ways to make the other one laugh. My husband’s goal every day is to see if he can get me to laugh so hard that I spit out whatever I might be drinking. His timing is surprisingly good. It’s hilarious. Someone else might not agree.  

Because I know him, I trust him, and believe his concern for my wellbeing is important to him, and I know I’m safe – I can enjoy the laughter, every time! 

My advice:  

To experience an extra-ordinary relationship, always Fight For your beloved and look for ways to laugh together every day for as long as you live! You’ll be glad you did! 


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