Faith. Know. Act. 


The west coast is on fire and our nation is smelling smoke. What can we do to help? How can we connect with the people who are hurting the most? 

What can we do about the fires, floods, political rhetoric, crime, and riots in America? Simple answers are usually the best way to find solutions.  

1st Strong Faith. 

I believe in the power of prayer and I know God brings peace. He’s got this! Balance is essential in times of unrest and stress causes anxiety that doesn’t help anyone. Stay strong in your faith! 

2nd Be Informed. 

Watch the news, but don’t obsess over it. Obsession in any form whether it is over the health of our nation, health of our family, or if there will be enough chocolate to outlast this pandemic is never healthy. Realize teams of people are doing what they do best on the invisible front lines. 

3rd Act Wherever You Can. 

Fear can cause a flight, fight, or freeze response. To combat the three reactions, you can take mindful steps. Support the medical personnel, fire, police, and their families locally to ease their burden, so they can send your First Responders to help where they are needed. 

Here are 4 places to connect with and to use your special skill set. Check out their websites and see what they need. 

  1. California Community Foundation’s Wildfire Relief Fund …  
  1. American Red Cross … 
  1. Local Food Banks … 
  1. Donate to California Fire Foundation … 

My Advice: 

Connect with your loved ones. Offer shelter, food, and safety to those in need. Give thanks to the people who jump in the fire to protect each of us. Stay safe! 






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