Extraordinary is in the details 

 Extraordinary is in the details not the grand gestures. 

 I love a romantic movie where the hero slays a dragon to save his beautiful princess and they fall madly in love. Que the sunset scene. 

 But . . 


As wonderful as slaying the dragon might be extraordinary love doesn’t last with a few moments of heroism. Not, that I don’t want my mate to protect me and stand by my side. I adore when my man gets all manly and provides protection from the evil in the world.  


I adore him in the ordinary things that he does to create an extraordinary relationship. The details he remembers reminds me every time how much he cares. Like when he: 

  • Remembers my favorite color when he chooses something for me.  
  • Knows exactly how I like my complicated coffee order. 
  • Turns on my side of the heated blanket before we go to bed because he knows I am usually colder than him. 
  • Looks for ways to make me laugh every single day. 


Details matter 


Just as details matter in how my hubby treats me, details are important in how I treat him.  It may seem old fashion to some people but putting your mate first matters.  


For some reason over the last several years people started thinking that caring for someone else before yourself is out of fashion. Truthfully, they are probably correct that it isn’t a popular idea but where they get it wrong is thinking that popular ideas make extraordinary relationships.  


Happy marriages 


If you want to see how marriage and relationships succeed look to people who have been happily married for years and years. They’ve taken the time to know their spouse and care about what they care about.  


My advice: 

Try it out. For the next month, take time to notice the small things that matter to your loved one. Make them matter to you and see the change in your relationship from ordinary to extraordinary. You’ll be glad you did! 





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