Dream big – pray big 

The beginning of each new year we  hear a lot of encouraging sermons, predictions, and goal settings for the new year. Our senior pastor preached Dream Big, Pray Big. I wrote that on my notebook the first Sunday of 2014.  I’ve written it a few more times on different journals to encourage myself. 

The five words Dream Big, Pray Big 2014 reminds me our God is big.  I can’t out ask, nor can I out dream God. God created creatures that we would never imagine in our wildest dreams. His creative ability is astounding. Look around you. He is amazingly talented in His own creations.  Dream impossible dreams. Pray for things that you know if they come true can only have been answered by God working it out. 

God is in the tiniest details of your life. He is in the big scope of your existence. He knows it all. Trust Him. He is along for the ride. Hang on. God’s got it. Just be ready to accept the changes when you have dreamed big and prayed big because He will bring it to you. 

This year is almost half over. What have you been dreaming about? What is your big hairy-oh my-too impossible-to ask for- dream? I challenge you, place your desire on the throne at the feet of Jesus and see what He does with it by the end of the year? You will never know if you do not ask. 


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