Does your husband have a brother? 


Yes, he does have brothers. No, they are not like him and are not available. 

In answer to your next question. No, my hubby doesn’t hire out for husband training.  


He wasn’t exactly self-taught. My mother-in-law was an amazing woman who raised a son who is romantic, caring, funny and engaging. 


Yes, I know I’m blessed. 

My mother tells me often that I don’t deserve him. I’m not quite sure how to take that.  Is she saying that he is too good for me?  Or is she saying that I’m not good to him? 


When I share how Seth brings me breakfast in bed every morning or how he never lets me clean up anything sticky women think I’m spoiled. I suppose to some degree I am. Okay, to a large degree I am.  


He does love God. He loves me. He loves our kids and grandkids. He is kind to animals and strangers. He has dreamy blue eyes and smells good.  But just like all romantic male characters he has a flaw.  This beautiful man is messy and often misplaces things. 


  • He leaves his socks beside the bed every morning and rarely ever makes the bed in the morning.  
  • He drives my car and leaves behind his coffee cups and food wrappers, tools, shoes, and other random things I have no idea why he needed them in the car in the first place. 
  • Before texting, he often went to the grocery store only to return with bags of groceries and few of the items he original went to procure. 


We are very different. I’m driven. He loves the journey. I’m passionate. He supports my vision just because he knows it is important to me. 


Marriage isn’t about having the perfect mate. It is about accepting and being grateful for the mate you have. We are all imperfect. We all have flaws even the ones in romantic novels.  


My Advice: 

Love what is loveable. Ignore what can’t be changed. Accept your mate for all their flaws and strengths …. and hope they do the same for you! 

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