Do you remember when you were little what you wanted to be when you grew up? I do. Admiral of the entire Navy. 

Daydreaming should be encouraged more. It seems these days a lot of teens are forced to make decisions – real life choices before they’ve had time to dream about what they want to be before someone puts the kibosh on their dream. 

I say, let’s be a community of dream builders not dream crushers. Without imagination very little would have been invented. We definitely need inventors. 

Without really smart people we would never cure diseases. 

Without mechanical people we would never have built a rocket to the moon or even left the ground and soared with Wilbur Wright and his brother. 

Let’s not forget organizers … we all need a plan even if we don’t believe we do.  

Without dreamers we would have no art, no song, no stories … 

It doesn’t matter what you are, it matters that you are you! Every generation need all kinds of people to love, flourish, invent, save, cure, create, and much more. 

As a young girl, I liked the idea of bossing people around. My dream to be admiral did not come to fruition, I’m still bossy, or as I like to say, assertive. I daydreamed big dreams, and although I never joined the Navy, I’ve created, loved, organized, imagined, built, and I’ve soared! 

My advice:  

Lay under a tree and watch clouds go by and do a little daydreaming. Be the you, you were created to be! 

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