Creating Excellence 


“How can I change my relationship from ordinary to extraordinary?” The young woman asking the question was sincere, but I wondered would she appreciate the answer and be willing to implement changes to create what she wanted. 


Excellence takes extraordinary effort. 


Excellence in relationships does not just happen. You can’t fall in love, have the wedding of your dreams, and expect the happy-ever-after fairy tale ending without a lot of work. Most people have unspoken expectations that their marriage will bloom without much effort. Extraordinary relationships need you, all of you. They need you to give the best of yourself in every circumstance. 


Excellence requires excellent input. 


Sincerely, I’m sorry to be the one to tell you, that is if you don’t already know, extraordinary relationships don’t just happen. You may “fall in love” but you don’t fall into excellence. Just as you have to put effort into your education, profession, or sports you must be willing to do the same in your relationships.  


Marriage relations are meant to last forever yet often we put less commitment of time, money, energy, and effort into our relationship than anything else. More often than not, we forget to put our marriage on the top of our life-priority list.  


Excellence needs time. 


Why is it that people will spend countless hours learning a new hobby yet won’t take time to learn communication skills that will boost their marriage from ordinary to extraordinary? How often do we take courses to move us forward in our jobs but rarely take time to attend a marriage seminar or go on a date with our spouse? 


Anyone who is at the top of their profession has spent time and energy getting and remaining there. Relationships need the same if you want to reach extraordinary levels of contentment and success. 


My advice:  

Be the first in any relationship to step up and be extraordinary. Put in the time, effort, and energy required to move from ordinary to extraordinary. You’ll be glad you did. 





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