Commitment – The Top Ten Core Principles of Extraordinary Relationship Series 


2020 was rough on relationships. Life changed and we had to adapt. Our schedules were wrecked, and we had to find a new normal. Simply said … life was not the same. 

2021 will be different from our past year. You ask why. Well, we experienced the pandemic and prevailed, we lived to tell ours and other’s stories, we are living proof that we thrive when threatened. Having skills to create long-lasting, healthy relationships is a must if we want to survive in our relations. 

It’s important to note extraordinary relationships are based on core principles. In previous articles I’ve written about two of the top ten principles necessary to flourish – honesty and loyalty. As we’ve learned in the past year, commitment certainly lands in the top ten.  

Knowing your mate, friend, family, neighbor, or co-workers are with you for the long haul makes a huge difference. Like the net a circus high wire performer needs, commitment is needed when the world tries to destroy us. Having assurance your friend or loved one is committed to the relationship brings fresh air and new life to you.  

When you question if your loved one will be present every day, it is draining on the relationship. Questioning if you will still have the person in your life hurts. It can begin to crumble the foundation we all depend on. But… the good news is we can do things to secure our net, our commitment, our foundations.  

The world may appear to skew sideways, but you can keep your commitment solid by doing these few steps: 

  1. Don’t assume your loved one knows your level of commitment even if you’re married. Tell your loved one you are committed to the relationship. 
  1. Be available when they need you – take the time to listen to their concerns and joys. 
  1. Protect whoever is precious to you and put their needs before others.  
  1. Keep talking, keep sharing your thoughts, ideas, and worries. When we shut down, we close doors to beautiful, extraordinary relationships.  

Knowing the core principles of extraordinary relationships is excellent only when you implement them into your life. 


My Advice: 


Stay healthy. Stay strong. Stay committed. You’ll be glad you did! 


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