Choices. We make them all the time. 


Some choices are easy: 

Drive on the right side of the road? You bet, especially since we don’t live in England. 


Some choices require mental muscle. 

Unleaded or Premium Unleaded gas? Go on. Try super unleaded because you can. 

Country or Urban living? Take a trip to the other side and see how the rest of the population celebrates Thanksgiving. 

Cable or satellite to watch your favorite football team?   Whoa! Wait a minute! Let’s not get crazy. Traditions like football during Thanksgiving weekend are sacred. It might be time to decide to purchase that big screen TV. 


Some choices are decided for us.  

Turkey or ham this Thanksgiving?  


I wonder, how did the Pilgrims choose turkey as the main course for the first annual meal of gratitude?  Perhaps, the conversation went something like this: 

Jeb said, “Sarah I think we should have turkey.” 

Sarah replied, “Are you crazy Jeb? You know no one in their right mind will want to eat that ugly bird. All my friends will laugh me out of the quilting bee.” 

Jeb nearly choked on his cider. “Them turkeys are just running out loose in the yard.  Easy to catch.” 

Sarah crossed her arms and gave Jeb a determined look. “Jeb, I won’t be going to this Thanksgiving dinner with you, if I can’t take a wild duck, goose or a swan. I would take eel before taking that ugly bird. My word! Turkey! I can’t believe you expect me to show up with one of those.” 

“Fine. Give me my gun.”  

Jeb wasn’t a particularly good hunter. Much to her dismay, Sarah had to compromise.  Their first meal of gratitude included ugly turkey. 


I propose this Thanksgiving we all switch things up a bit. Instead of bowing to peer pressure, let’s go rogue like my family did this past Easter. We gave the pig a pass and ate hot wings. Mama prepared several flavors of hot wings in hope no one would miss the ham, deviled eggs, and desserts. 

The porky-little-diet-buster was neither mentioned nor missed. 

 Go wild! Eat hot wings, or whatever else you may choose for your traditional gratitude meal. 

You can prepare a traditional meal of turkey and dressing. Just remember to check the cooking instructions. You can’t pop a frozen turkey in the microwave and expect it to be ready for you guests in twenty minutes. 

If you choose to cook turkey instead of calling “1-800-Pizza”, remember to take the little bag of giblets (the nasty sack of organs) out before you shove the bird in the oven or deep fryer. 

Whether choices are easy, require mental muscle, or decided for you, live purposefully aware of your options and the consequences of your choices. 

According to the Smithsonian, some of the entrees the Pilgrims ate included wildfowl, venison, wild turkeys, Indian corn, passenger pigeons, eel, lobster, clams, and mussels. 

I’m glad old Jeb didn’t bag a swan or catch any eel. Could you imagine swan or eel being the main course of our annual Thanksgiving meal? 

I know I am thankful for turkeys. 


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