Celebrate Independence Day!  

 Holidays are a wonderful time to connect to those you love and even those you don’t know yet. Let’s think of some creative ways to connect this July 4th. 

For people you know – give them a call – don’t do this for people you haven’t met yet, it could be a little awkward. Lol  

Write a thank you note to your local police, fire department, or medical personnel. Drop it off with a store bought goodie – everyone loves sweet words and treats! 

You can do random acts of kindness – 

  • Mow someone’s yard – be sure to miss their prized petunias.  
  • Pay for someone’s meal the next time you go to the drive through; they might pay it forward to the next customer in line. 
  • Put a sign in your yard thanking your neighbors for being kind, safe, and fun to live around. 
  • Go meet the neighbor that has moved in this year that you haven’t met yet- they would love to know who you are – you can do this still observing social distancing. 
  • Have a block party where all your neighbors cook out in their front yard and listen to some great music! 
  • Watch a movie outdoors – use a projector on a nearby wall – invite your friends you’ve been missing or the whole neighborhood to bring out their lawn chairs and enjoy the movie. 

One of the greatest ways to connect is to God – you can do this by simply star gazing while imagining people all over the world who see these same beautiful stars! It makes you feel connected in a way that few things can. Wasn’t God smart when He put them up for free for everyone to enjoy? 

My Advice: Be creative and go connect to your family, friends, community, city, state, and our nation … it is what true freedom looks like! 

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