Car Thoughts 


The other day, my husband and I were driving home. We saw our neighbor’s teenage daughter, enjoying her mom’s Cadillac, as she drove past us. He mentioned that she liked to drive it more than her own pickup truck.  

Wondering why she liked the Caddie made me think of my limited knowledge of all things automotive.  I am by no means a “car person”.  My husband had a love of cars before he could ride a bike. I’m just content if I can find my car, get from A to B in realitve safety and comfort, and have a working radio. 

Most importantly, on my must haves for an automobile, is the ability to locate it when I’m prepared to leave. I’ve lost my little car in several parking lots. Honestly, I could probably lose it in my own driveway.  

While visiting our daughter out of state, she and I went shopping. Inside the store she remembered she needed her glasses. She asked me to get them out of her car. I took her keys and walked confidently outside. Her car was a sedan. White. Four doors. I was fairly sure she had parked near the store. Maybe? 

Strike One:  

I began my usual meandering around the strip mall parking area until I locate the correct vehicle. There must have been a hundred (okay, that’s a bit of an extraggation) white, sedan, four-door cars.  

Strike Two:  

A few unsuccessful minutes had passed when I thought to look for her out-of-state car tag. After seeing even more out-of-state licenses, I remembered. We were in her home state, not mine. Oops. 

Strike Three? 

Being of sound mind and reportedly very intelligent, I thought, I can do this. People do it every day. I decided to give it a try. You’ve probably guessed what I did next. Yep. I walked up and down the rows pressing her key fob hoping a car would chirp and I would be free from this rambling car hunt. It was getting hot and this fair-skinned girl needed shade. 


 Just as I was about to abort my mission, I walked by the parking spaces closest to the store. Yep. Don’t you know? It was there all along. 

My triumphant quickly faded to questioning.  Why was I looking for her car in the first place. Hmm? 

I decided then, I can hardly wait for traveling by teleporting. Being directionally challenged, I would probably never get to my destination. That’s okay.  I always have fun along the way. Hope you do too! 



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