Camouflage vs Yoga 

Do you ever have one of those moments when time seems to stop, and divine wisdom comes to you? I hope so. I’ve had a few. Just recently I was stopped mid-nag. 

My husband, a retired Army vet, wore camouflage throughout his thirty-year career. Ten years ago, he retired, and I thought camo would be banished from his wardrobe. 

I was wrong. 

My man regularly purchases camouflage t-shirts, pants, ball caps, sun glasses, crocs. If it is camouflage it gets his immediate attention. I’ve never understood his love of camo.  

I’m not a fan of his camouflage wardrobe. It was different when it was army camouflage and he was required to wear it. I liked him in his uniform. Nowadays his camouflage is the type hunters wear.  

He doesn’t hunt. In fact, in the past three decades he has not hunted once. He isn’t trying to hide from anyone by wearing his camouflage. Just likes it. 

I’ve tried putting his camouflage shirts under all his other t-shirts. I’ve tried “forgetting” to put them in with the laundry. I’ve even tried to “accidently” donate them.  

He always finds them. Maybe he is a camouflage hunter. 

This past week, I came into the kitchen and saw my man sporting a new camouflage t-shirt and a huge smile. He said with a huge smile and arms out wide, “What do you think”? He even turned around so I could get the complete view. 

I’m not sure but I think I rolled my eyes before I launched into my standard reply – some might say nag. “You aren’t a hunter. Why do you want another camouflage shirt?” 

Before he had a chance to reply, I happened (this is the divine appointment) to look down and notice what I was wearing. Yoga pants. 

I got a look at myself wearing my much-loved yoga pants. Wow. Time for true confession. I’ve never done yoga a day in my life, yet my wardrobe consists of many yoga pants in all colors, sizes, and lengths. 

At that moment in time I was given wisdom and a slice of humble pie. My dear husband had never questioned my love of all things yoga gear. Not once has he ever mentioned that I didn’t know one yoga pose from another. He had endured my disparaging comments about camouflage with grace. 

Before he had an opportunity to defend his attire, I said, “I’m so sorry.” Surprised and confused that I apologized. He looked at me as if had seen a lunatic loose. I laughed and apologized for my many years of being critical of his camouflage choice. He was unaware I had just been handed a piece of humble pie. 

“I’m so sorry. I will never again criticize your love of all things camo. I just realized I wear and have a drawer full of yoga pants and have never done yoga.” We both laughed glad to have the camouflage/yoga depart finally settled.  

This situation reminded me of the scripture Matthew 7:3 NIV “Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?” 

Peace has entered our abode. May our yoga-camo debate bring wisdom in your home. 

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