Burn Baby Burn 

What would you do for the one you love? Would you serenade in a crowded restaurant? Would you hike the highest mountain or swim the largest seas? Or would you leave everyone and everything to accompany them on a journey – destination unknown? 

What level is the fire in your relationship – wildfire or smoldering coals or somewhere in between? Marriage is often tagged with a slur that after time the fire dies out. I’m going to let you in on a wonderful secret.  

Marriage has different levels of fire throughout the years, but it doesn’t have to go out.  

It’s work to stoke a fire and it is work to continue to have an amazing marriage (relationship). Back to my original question -what would you do for the one you love?  

Another secret: not all work or commitment is hard work. 

The rewards of continuing to add fuel to your relationship pays off in ways that seem insignificant. These are some moments of “work”:  a kind word, holding the door, a touch on the hip as you walk by in the kitchen, or answering the door when the doorbell rings during tv time. You might not notice these acts when they are being done but I can guarantee you will notice the lack of warmth when you fail to continue to put wood on the fire. 

It is the little things that build up to create an atmosphere of love, romance, laughter, and healthy living. You don’t build a fire with huge logs every other day and you don’t build relationships by only putting in a major effort every few years. You’ve got to continue to feed the fire and the relationship to keep the warmth we all seek.  

Whatever level your fire is burning, take a chance and start with small acts of kindness like saying thank-you and please, you know the things your momma and daddy tried to instill in you. This is the day those beautiful manners will pay off. Everyone loves good manners and kindness so you can’t go wrong there.  

My last question to ponder: when is the last time you did something purposefully for your loved one? 

My Advice: Burn baby burn and several times a day stoke the fire! 















Submitted on 7/26/2020 

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