God gives them to us. He uses boundaries in our lives, nature, and history. We have been deceived to believe saying, No or setting a boundary is wrong.  

 Adam and Eve were given clear boundaries. They did not respect what God said in the Garden. We see how that worked out. God loves boundaries. He is all about a good boundary-setting. God does not want wishy-washy believers. Every wind that blows by should not affect our ability to stand firm in our faith and commitments.  

 It is our ability to be balanced during life’s crisis, joys, and routines that will be our testimony to the world that God is in control. When we practice setting up boundaries in our daily lives it enables us to succeed when the big bumps come. It is not and “if” they will come. It is a “when” they come.  

 Boundaries are healthy. Boundaries allow freedom for you and the people your life touches. There is freedom in boundaries. They allow your Yes to be Yes, always. And your No to always be a No. If you need more time to contemplate a decision then ask for more time. Remember to return to the person with a definite answer. Yes, No, or a compromise that you can fulfill. 

 The flip side to boundaries.  

Just as you are requesting people to respect your boundaries, you must honor their holy rights to set limits. If someone has stated a No to you then please respect the No. Teach your family these invaluable tools and our world will be a better place. 

 An excellent resource to help is a book by Cloud and Townsend, Boundaries. They have a series of Boundaries books for marriage, children, dating, and teenagers. They come with workbooks so you could do them as a study too. Boundaries is a life-changing book. I highly recommend to everyone to read and share. 

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