Be Understanding 


This pandemic is a great time to practice understanding because we all have fears and concerns. While some of us are awesome at expressing our needs, others are not. 

There are obvious needs -someone dropping papers in a busy hallway – then there are the invisible ones. Choosing to be understanding of others can change our world – little by little. 

These days I stay at home with as few visits to the store as possible. Mostly because I abhor shopping. I know, I’m one of the few females who can’t stand to shop. Don’t take my “girl card” away. Lol 

Recently, I went to the grocery store with my husband wearing our masks. We both have hearing problems – his from flying helicopters and mine from the age of four.  

I’m deaf in one ear, and as the old joke might say, can’t hear out of the other one. I wear a cochlear implant and most people rarely realize I’m deaf. I don’t have a speech problem other than I speak way too fast. Normally, you wouldn’t notice I need to read your lips to understand you…an invisible need. 

For years, I communicated through lip reading. I do it unconsciously. When everyone started wearing mask, I quickly became aware that I still lip read. 

During our trip to the grocery store, I became very anxious when I couldn’t communicate with my husband or other people.  

I was surprised at my distress, usually I don’t stress about much. As the shopping progressed my anxiety was abnormally high. I wanted to get out of the store and rip the mask off ASAP. It was shocking how much it bothered me …not being able to communicate or connect. I felt separated and abandon, it was very strange indeed. 

I’m sharing my story to help people with unseen needs, like deafness, be understood. My hope is you will pause and be more understanding to others fears and concerns, even if they aren’t yours.  

My Advice: Don’t just practice understanding … be understanding to your fellow men and women! 


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