Be Kind 


Today’s average price for a gallon of gas is $1.84. Nice to have more money in our pocket at the gas pump. The average gallon of milk cost $2.29, a loaf of bread is $2.55, while an average pair of Nike shoes is $100. 

Babysit one child for an hour and you will likely earn $16.75. That’s way more than I earned back in the day – you know when the wheel wasn’t round.  It’s tough to live on minimum wage in Colorado at $11.10 an hour, but so much better than living in a third-world country, I suppose.  


Cost of Kindness:   $0. Nothing. Nada. Nil.  Zip. Zilch. Yep zero! 


Times are tough, our economy and world health issues can stress the best of us. There are many things completely out of our hands while we wait to see what is next. Mask? No Mask? Work? No work? 

As free American’s we have lots of choices at our disposal and one of them is kindness. It is amazing what happens when we spread the act of (germ free) kindness. 

A young man holds a door open for the old lady who says thank you with a smile on her face as she turns to greet the clerk welcoming her to the store. The clerk feels encouraged that at least one person showed appreciation for the work she and her team strive to do with limited manpower and resources. 

When she finally reaches home after an awfully long day on her feet, her out of work husband, greets her with the sweet aroma of dinner fully cooked and ready. She hugs her precious hubby as their kids watch on, it reassures them their world will be okay if the people they love are fine. 

An act of kindness cost us nothing but can change the world. 


My Advice: Invest in kindness it is sure to grow exponentially.  


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