A Rose by Any Other Name is Not as Sweet 


Done! Debate settled. Nana to my future granddaughter. I had no idea how that title, that name coming from her sweet lips months later would change my world. 

I came to motherhood in an unusual way. Both of my children are adopted and that’s the way God and I agreed for me to have children. I wasn’t keen on the whole birthing process or at least the pregnancy part that I had observed with friends and loved ones. So skipping right to the good stuff, straight to the squiggly wiggly baby was perfectly fine with me. 

Having avoiding the whole mothering environment, I was clueless in Panama when the missionaries brought our daughter within six hours notice. I was now a mom. Everyone had expectations of me that I would just know what to do. Yeah, about that. It doesn’t work that way. 

God is an amazing God and provided a church full of great women who mentored. A lot. I fell in love with our precious Kuna Indian daughter. I didn’t think I could love anyone any more than I did her. There just wasn’t any more room. Ah, I was wrong again.   

God gave us an energetic boy from New York City that rocked our world that we all adored. We have never looked back after bringing him into our lives. God knew what we needed. A boy that never stopped, a boy that challenged our parenting, a boy that helped us grow as people. 

You think you know how much love you are capable of and then one of your children tells you they are expecting a child. The news surprises you, it shocks and awes you. You adjust to the idea another little person is joining the family. This time we will get to see this wee little one from the very beginning. 

Our daughter invited us into the delivery room. I wasn’t so hip on the idea. We were all there. The midwife, her dad, brother, friends, maybe half of the city it seemed, me and some little babe that we were all waiting to come make an appearance. 

I don’t know what all the waiting was about. I had already picked out my grandmother name. We saw her in the ultrasound and knew she was a girl. What was she waiting on? Adoption had seemed so much easier. The only pain I had experienced was a hand cramp from signing all the papers. Her mom was not looking so good; I wasn’t feeling so well myself.  

The midwife kept calling the plays as if she was some sort of football announcer. I thought if she describes one more thing I am going to fall out right here in the birthing room. It was normal to all of them. To me, it was a bit dramatic, but I suppose I do have a flare for the dramatic. 

Well, finally, our little bundle of joy made her appearance PopPop and I cut the cord. It was sort of icky. Still, very glad we were there for her first moments. I couldn’t wait to shoo the nurses away and hold our first little grand baby. 

It happened. I fell in love at first sight. I could not believe it. I didn’t know it could be true. But it was the child has had my heart every moment since the second she was born. 

I am not positive but I think she starting talking at two weeks. Okay that could be a bit of a tall tale. Our little Layla Bug does have an incredible vocabulary. The words that she uses that melts this grandmother’s heart are these,  

“Oh Nana, my Nana.” 

Just writing them down I can hear her little two year old voice chattering away as she talks to me greeting me with “Oh Nana, my Nana.” I thought I knew how to love. I was wrong. 

“Oh Layla, my Layla” I am so in love with you as I am sure every grandmother is in love with their granddaughter’s too. Every time I hear her yell, cry, whisper or giggle my name I fall in love again and again with this precious daughter of my daughter. I want to shout to the world. 

I am “ Oh Nana, my Nana” because my Layla says it is so! 

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