A Couple, Few or Many? 

I am an extreme extrovert. My philosophy is, “the more the merrier”. My husband is an introvert. With years of exposure to my extroverted larger-than-life ways he has developed his own pseudo-extrovert coping strategies. 


Before getting married, I had an inkling that he wasn’t an extrovert. However, being an extreme extrovert, I didn’t slow down long enough to notice more than myself. The truth revealed itself only too soon. 


A couple of months into our marriage, we talked about having a few people over for dinner.  I was excited to make new friends in Atlanta and couldn’t wait for everyone to come over. He went to work, and I started making plans and lists. Our first official dinner party as a married couple, I knew this was going to be fun. 


The night of the dinner party came, and we were ready. The doorbell chimed. My husband answered the door and ushered in our guests. He thought he had brought everyone in until he heard the doorbell chime again.  


He went to the door and greeted the new guests. He brought them into the living room. This happened about five more times. He studied the growing number of guests and must have wondered where and how we were all going to fit in our small apartment. We lived in an old Victorian home that was split into three apartments. The ceilings may have been tall, but the square footage was not as grand. 


Meanwhile, I was busy in the kitchen putting the final touches on dinner using my very limited cooking skills. I could make sweet tea because I was a southern gal after all. I learned to make lasagna in Home EC and that was the extent of my culinary skills. This was way before Google or Siri.  


My overwhelmed husband made his way through the throng of guests and quietly ask me, “I thought we were having a few people?” 


Surprised, I looked around our tiny apartment and without missing a beat said, “Why honey, this is a few people.” 


We knew then we had to have more conversations to define exactly what we meant.  

A few to him, the introvert, was two or three.  To me, the extreme extrovert, a few was between fifteen and twenty.  


The party was fun for everyone, including my hubby, once he got over the shock. He had no idea of the fun that would be to come living with an extremely extroverted wife. 


You may have someone in your life who is your complete opposite. I’m sorry to tell you that person is likely in your life to make you a better you. Sigh! I know.  


The good news is if you are willing your life will be so much richer with all types of people in it – even us extreme extroverts. 


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