3 Steps to Connect with People 

  1. Steps to Connect with People 


Who do you connect with? People from different walks of life or only your tribe? These days with the strife our country is experiencing it’s important to be a connector not a divider. Try these three steps to connect with people in a more meaningful way. 

  • Become curious, again. 

It would be amazing if we could all stay as curious as toddlers for the rest of our lives. They are open to learning new things every second of their day. When do we lose our fascination with something or someone new? Being curious about other people is a choice we make. Ask questions and be prepared to listen. Everyone wants to know they are seen, heard, and loved.  

My sweet husband is one of those dear people when he asks someone how they are doing he expects they will tell him and not just give a one-word answer like “okay”. If you ask him how he is doing he will actually tell you. It is a quality that endears him to people. 

Listening is often the beginning of change, compromise, and stronger relationships.  

  • Be Kind. 

We don’t have to agree to be kind. Let’s turn the clock back on being civil to one another. Not too long ago, people disagreed and were able to still be polite. I’m not suggesting you lose your passion for a cause, what I am saying is your passion and beliefs do not have to annihilate other people. 

Healthy debate doesn’t destroy lives or property. It gives each of us an opportunity to hear different points of view and to share our opinions. Listening ears and open minds pave the way to peace and unity. When we shout into the wind no one hears us, and frustration sets in. Shock your opponent with kindness and see a transformation in your conversations.  

  • Accept that people are different and in various places in their journey. 

We start our lives in various places. Why do we expect that everyone will be in the same point as us in our lives? I watch my millennial and my baby boomer friends and can clearly see they aren’t in the same frame of mind nor are they chasing the same goals. It’s a beautiful privilege to watch someone grow and develop into their personal design. 

It’s okay to accept that other people’s timelines aren’t the same as ours. Life would be so boring if we always agreed and experienced the very same things at the very same time. Robots we are not. 

The sooner we accept our differences the sooner we will find a peaceful existence. Choose to focus on our qualities, needs, and feelings that are the same. In the end isn’t that what we all desire? Connection through our sameness. 


My Advice:  

Ask questions. Listen. Be kind. Accept differences. Look for similarities. You’ll be glad you did! 




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