3 Steps for Great Communication  

First Step: Keep it Simple. Take a moment. Breathe. Try to never complicate situations with more than one issue at a time. It is easy to start piling on issues when we get frustrate and have finally reached the point of confrontation. (Extra Tip: Discuss and deal with issues before they become a confrontation.) 

 Resist the temptation to pile on. It never goes well. It dilutes the real issue that you needed resolved and it can create an explosive situation that does not address the central problem.  

Second step in great communication: Clearly and Precisely State Your Expectations. Most often when you find yourself frustrated and angry you have failed to clearly state your expectations and the other person does not have a clue what you needed from them. 

Third step in great communication: Never Assume. 

Don’t believe you have all the answers. Normally, when you think you know everything about a situation you usually don’t.  

My advice: Always be willing to listen more than you talk. 

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