3 C’s of Extra-Ordinary Relationships 

Core Principles of Extra-Ordinary Relationships Series 

Compassion. Celebration. Choices. Each of these core principles deserve their own space, however, I’m at the end of my Top 10 Core Principles of Extra-Ordinary Relationships Series and I couldn’t leave any of them out. Please forgive me for slipping in a few extra principles into this one space!  

Compassion is something we all want and need but seem to have difficulty conveying it to others. My husband has compassion eking out of his pours, he is amazing. I’ve had to learn this principle as I’ve watched him and as we’ve grown in our marriage and faith. There is hope for those who struggle to express compassion. You can learn this skill. I know right? I didn’t know you can learn compassion, but you can! 

Life can teach you compassion as you experience ups and downs, however, you must make a choice to be compassionate and learn from your bumps and bruises you get along the way. I’ve seen people who choose not to learn compassion and become bitter from their experiences. You must choose compassion over bitterness to have extra-ordinary relationships. 

I may have been lacking in compassion, but I have always had an abundance in the ability to celebrate! Although, extreme extroverts, like myself, love to celebrate the small and big wins in life, for some personality’s celebrations are over-rated. People who live in extraordinary relationships understand this key principle is needed for both extroverts and introverts. 

It is not as hard as some may think to celebrate the wins. Here are a few ways to celebrate successes whether they are small or life changing. 

  1. Acknowledge with words of gratitude – “Sweetie, thanks for putting your laundry in the basket. It makes a big difference in my day.” 
  1. Acknowledge with words of encouragement – “Babe, I’m so proud of you for working hard and getting the promotion.” 
  1. You can express the words through conversation, a hand-written note, a text, emojis, or a voice mail. It’s perfectly okay to be creative when delivering words of gratitude and encouragement. 
  1. Use a specific plate at the next meal that everyone knows is only used for specific occasions of celebration. 
  1. Let the special person overhear you bragging about them to your family or friends. It’s always great to hear your loved one speaking highly of you. 
  1. Speak in your loved ones love language – touch, gifts, time, words, or acts of service (paraphrased from Dr. Chapman’s “The Five Love Languages” – it is an excellent resource) 

People are worth pausing to honor them. There are thousands of ways to celebrate wins in someone’s life, but they do require you to: 

  1. Stop long enough to notice the accomplishment. Be present in their lives. 
  1. Let the moment be about the person who had the win. 
  1. Time. It may be just a moment for you to say you saw the win or it may require a special dinner, party, or event. 
  1. Celebrate the person and event the way the winner is most comfortable – if they don’t like public attention then do not take them to a restaurant and ask the staff to come out and create a buzz around your loved one. It won’t make them feel heard or celebrated. 

We’ve talked about compassion and celebration to experience extra-ordinary relationships, lets finish with choices. We make choices everyday to show compassion, to celebrate someone else, and so much more. It’s important to realize you have the choice to create an extra-ordinary relationship.  

Purposefully choose to put the work in – love your mate even when they aren’t very loveable, forgive when you’ve been wronged, apologize when you’ve messed up, be joyful, respectful, loyal, truthful, loving, tender, gentle, laugh often and honor your amazing relationship. These are a few of the core principles of extra-ordinary relationships you can do to purposefully reach the extra-ordinary relationship you desire. 

My Advice: 

Implement the 3 C’s of extra-ordinary relationships – Compassion, Celebration, and purposeful Choices and see the difference it will make in your extra-ordinary relationships. You’ll be glad you did! 


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